Bel-Ray® Clear Blue Ashless AW Hydraulic Oils are special hydraulic fluids formulated from highly-refined base stocks and proprietary zinc-free additive technology to offer ultimate protection of operating equipment and the environment. The zinc-free (ashless, no ZDDP in composition) additive formulation was developed for service applications within environmentally sensitive areas such as parks, bodies of water, recreational areas, amusement parks, ski resorts, in-ground lifts and equipment operating in populated areas. Bel-Ray Clear Blue Ashless AW Hydraulic Oils are non-toxic to sea life and non-hazardous to surrounding inhabitants in case of an accidental leak, release or spill. Bel-Ray Clear Blue Ashless AW Hydraulic Oil exceeds ASTM D5864 standards for classification as Inherently Biodegradable. It also meets requirements for U.S. EPA 40 CFR Static Sheen Test (water sheen or slick) in ambient seawater and EPA LC50 Saltwater Test (Shrimp Kill).


Recommended for sensitive, high-flow, high-pressure and heavy-load hydraulic and circulating systems requiring: • Parker Hannifin (Denision) HF-O • Eaton Vickers 35VQ25A Pump, M-2950-S, & I-286-S3 • Fives Cincinnati P-68, P-69, & P-70 • AIST 126, 127, & 136 • DIN 51524, Part 2 (HLP) • ISO 11158 (previously AFNOR E48-603), 48-690 (Dry), 48-691 (wet filtration tests) • ISO VG 46 meets specs for Hitachi Genuine Hydraulic Oil Super EX 46 HN


*packaged in re-conditioned drum

Bel Ray Clear Blue Ashless AW 46 55 gal Drum

  • Bel-Ray® Premium AW Hydraulic Fluid is a special hydraulic fluid formulated from highly-refined base stocks and an advanced additive system to deliver ultimate equipment protection with extended service intervals. Bel-Ray® Premium AW Hydraulic Fluid delivers optimum fluid performance over a wide-range of operating temperatures and conditions. It also exhibits excellent demulsification (water separation) properties, even at high operating temperatures and operating pressures.

    • Ultimate wear protection for critical system components
    • Ultimate resistance to rust and oxidation
    • Maximum protection and peak performance under heavy-loads
    • Excellent water separating properties
    • Smooth hydraulic operation through rapid air release
    • Extended equipment service intervals