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Royal Purple THERMYL-GLYDE® WORM GEAR OIL 460 55gal Drum

SKU: 301502175008
  • Thermyl-Glyde Worm Gear Oil is recommended for use in very heavily loaded, slow speed and/or high temperature worm gear service. Thermyl-Glyde Worm Gear Oil is a high film strength, slippery, synthetic lubricant with special anti-wear additives to provide the lubricity and oiliness properties necessary to excel in worm gear lubrication (including cylindrical and double enveloping worm gears). Thermyl-Glyde Worm Gear Oil utilizes a dense, high molecular weight, synthetic cushioning additive that protects against fatigue failure from sudden shock loads. Thermyl-Glyde Worm Gear Oil is noncorrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous metals, has excellent oxidation stability and water separating properties and will not turn rancid (a common problem with other worm gear oils). Textron/Cone drive approved.

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